DHAMMAPADA (verses 152 & 153)

Old Age

“Through many births, in this journey of misery, I have wandered on and on, searching for the builder of this house of suffering. To be born again and again is indeed suffering ! …….


Vimāna Vatthu

Frog-Deva’s Mansion


In my previous life, I was a frog living in a lake. One day I was listening to you preach. At that time a boy who was looking after cows while listening to you preach, accidentally killed me.

For just a brief moment, my mind was very pleased in hearing your voice. But now look at my psychic powers, fame, and beautiful body that I have earned from that very small act of merit.

Oh Gautama Buddha, those people who have been listening to your Dhamma for a long time will attain the fruit of the path where they escape from sorrow.

Dhamma Sermons

May you be able spend your time in a meaningful way to benefit you in this life and the next.

May you learn to forgive yourself and succeed in this life and the next.

May you be able to develop patience and bloom like a fragrant flower!

Let’s change our chain of thoughts and follow the path to finding true solace in life!

May you gather the effort to face all your problems with a strong mind.

Praised when winning & blamed when lost, that’s is the nature of this world. Let’s go beyond that nature!

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