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Dhatu Manasikara: Mindfulness of Elements Meditation

Mindfulness of Elements meditation to help you realise the true nature of your body.

Take Control of your Mind – Direct it to the Right Path

May you gather the effort to face all your problems with a strong mind.

Asubha Meditation: Mindfulness of the Impurities of the Body

The Buddha taught the meditation on the body parts as a way to overcome attachment to our own bodies as well as the bodies of others.

Vesak Poya 2023

Vesak Poya celebrations at our monastery.

The Great & Powerful Declaration of Truth

A powerful Declaration of Truth based on the qualities of Arahant Nun, Yashodara to help you overcome your troubles and attain your wholesome wishes.

Buddhanussati Meditation: Recollection of the Qualities of the Supreme Buddha

Buddha’s Qualities are immeasurable, unequalled and foremost; hence the results we gain by wisely contemplating such a Great Person are indeed extraordinary. Let’s meditate!

Be The Hand to Lift One Up

Praised when winning & blamed when lost, that’s is the nature of this world. Let’s go beyond that nature!

Mettā Bhāvanā: Loving-Kindness Meditation

Spreading loving kindness to one self and others helps you to abandon anger and hatred within the mind resulting in a calm, friendly, peaceful mindset.

Maranasati: Reflection on Death

Thinking about the reality that one day you will have to leave this world will make one diligent in practicing what is good and wholesome.

What is True Love?

Have you ever wondered what true love is like? Here is your answer
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